Dream Journals

Dream Journals

We create dream journals in partnership with Artemis Dreaming, who specialize solely in dream journals. To check out their website and their growing line of dream journals and related books, click their logo or name. Or, scroll down to see our dream journals.

Our Original Goddess Dream Journal

Use it to learn about yourself & your inner, unspoken feelings. We’ve taken extra care with these journals by adding beautiful graphics and over 120 pages to record your dreams. The pages have space for the date, day of the week, what happened in the dream, your interpretation of what the dream meant, places in your dreams, and your emotions. Each entry page also features a box to sketch anything you recall from your dream. We’ve also included a 1-page chart through which you can note any recurring themes or symbols over time.

Original Goddess Dream Journal with Astrological Covers

What's Inside the Dream Journals:

A Coloring Dream Journal

Our latest dream journal combines an easy form of relaxation with dream recording. Take our book with you as you unwind after your day with a bit of adult mandala coloring. Each mandala has a thought-provoking quote or thought on sleep or dreaming next to it. Put the book next to your bed and, the next morning, record that night’s dream on the accompanying guided dream journal page.

This coloring dream journal is 8.5 x 11 inches and 149 pages. It contains 35 mandalas to color, 35 quotes and thoughts, and 35 guided dream journal pages, plus the year-long theme tracking chart.

Relax by coloring one of the mandalas. These pages are one-sided to reduce bleed-through.
Next to each mandala is a thought-provoking or inspirational thought about sleep or dreams.
The next morning, record your dream on one of the guided journal pages.
Use our calendar-based chart to keep track of recurring themes and symbols.

Animal Cover Dream Journals

Howling Wolf
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